We are used to working with English Speakers


You speak English and want to develop a online business in Spain, but you don't speak Spanish ?


We are a web development agency from Spain, we speak fluent English and we have been making websites since 2004. We can make web development in English in Spain for you and comunicate in English. If you are looking for a web development agency in Spain that can speak in English, you are in the right place.

Our own technology allows us to make custom web pages, by hand, from scratch. Very few companies can make completely original designs to fit the wishes of their customers. It is often the case that the client must adhere to a template, a pre-established design or a specific management system (CMS). With ALEXMULTIMEDIA you have complete freedom to make the web you want.

Because we work by hand and have our own management system, we can develop together with the client, a pattern and design completely not based on templates and completely original, this means that no website on the market will be equal to yours.

However, what do we see today many times ?

A lack of originality on the Internet, where all websites look the same because they are mostly made with the same templates that are exactly the same.

In our case we can work from scratch, a unique web development, creating a unique, original and sophisticated design, which will provide a select and original image to your company, store, websites or personal BLOG.

The time has come to create the website of your dreams, and we know exactly how to do it, we specialize in making websites by hand, from scratch, original and effective.

Original design website, hand coded HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript, this means that the client will be able to create any design he wants from the beginning.


  • Web optimized for SEO from the beginning, HTML5 code validated
  • Load time optimization with SEO objectives (WPO)
  • Design optimization with conversion goals
  • Own user-friendly control panel (PHP+MySQL) intuitive and easy to use
  • SEO-optimized website BLOG creation
  • Contact forms and contact map
  • Responsive, cross-platform design that fits all devices and screen sizes


Web development in English in Spain




We also work with Drupal and are experts in Drupal web development. We use Drupal as a CMS because we have total control at the SEO level of this Framework.

Drupal offers a series of facilities at the level of SEO positioning that for example WORDPRESS does not seem so easy to achieve. That is why we have specialized in SEO positioning with Drupal and we make Drupal websites for international projects in English in Spain. We are specialized in generating a clean source code, ideal for SEO with our system. Either with our own CRM or with the Drupal CMS.

We found that Drupal offers a clarity in font code that other frameworks do not offer and therefore we use it for our SEO oriented projects. We also usually work with Eclipse, which means that we are specialists in Eclipse web development, which we combine with the power of Drupal to perform, for example, programming specific modules for Drupal with Eclipse.

We have examples of websites made with our system that are positioning today throughout Spain for highly priced keywords.

In addition, the Drupal CMS system has an easy to use backend for the final clients, so being able to change the contents or the photos at any time of a given website in real time is something very simple.

Web development in Drupal en English in Spain

We are a Spanish company that also speaks fluent English and we can communicate in English with our clients from England, United States, Australia or any English speaking country. This also opens the door to any company that is interested in web development in Spain but has a language barrier.




Whether using our own CMS or using Drupal or Wordpress, we can do a web Blog development for our clients in English. We can make a web development of a Blog totally oriented to SEO and with a content strategy to get a high level of traffic on your website or blog.

BLOGS currently provide an incredible amount of traffic as well as quality. If you have a website and you want to dramatically increase your traffic so that sales of products and other services go through the roof, an SEO-oriented BLOG is the solution.


Web development Wordpress in Englihs in Spain

We will study which keyword is necessary for each entry in the BLOG, so that quickly our publications will receive visits, without losing time, direct to the conversion of customers and increasing the chances of your company.


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