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Make your digital strategy a big success in Spain


Do you have an idea for a digital Marketing business in Spain for an English speaking clients ?

Are you looking for a Spanish Digital Marketing companie that can work fluently in English and Spanish ?


We are a Digital Marketing companie from Spain, we speak fluent English and we have been making Digital Marketing since 2010. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing companie in Spain that can speak in English, we are the right company.

For a business to succeed in the network it must define a concrete DIGITAL MARKETING strategy with measurable objectives. Perhaps you already have a website in Spain or other countries and it does not have the impact you wanted or your company wanted. Now that you have a website it is time to make it succed, because a website must be profitable and effective, generating leads and ultimately, income through a good Digital Marketing strategy in Spain.


  • ONLINE Marketing and Communication Plan to define objectives and strategy
  • Implementation of the plan with S.E.O. techniques (Digital SEO)
  • Implementation of the plan with S.E.M. techniques
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Communication: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc...
  • VideoMarketing and YOUTUBE


Digital Marketing Agency in Spain, talking English


Step by Step Digital Marketing Companie in Spain


  • We listen to you: No one knows your business better than you. Tell us what you're selling, how and to whom, and we'll get the message across to your target audience


  • We analyse: We study, analyse and interpret the current state of your brand on the web to develop a strategy adapted to your needs. We make your presence on the Internet effective


  • We design: We design attractive websites optimized for Google and put them in front of your audience. We know the behaviour of the users in order to convert them into customers


  • We improve: your website's performance


  • We create content: manage professional social networks and carry out results-oriented advertising campaigns. We optimize investment


  • We analyze the results: draw conclusions and refine the resources used to improve the productivity of the strategy. We make your business grow


  • We keep your clients' interests at heart: in the product, create brand awareness by strengthening your company's online exposure


We are a Spanish Digital Marketing Companie that through our Digital Marketing method will open the doors of both the Spanish and Latin American markets.

With us you will be able to work in your native language, English, and we will be able to communicate fluently in English and Spanish with your clients and suppliers.


Powerful Digital Marketing tools we use


  • SISTRIX: It is the best SEO Suite and the most professional of the market. With its modules of SEO, SEM, ADS, SOCIAL MEDIA and infinity of SEO tools, as well as its possibilities to generate professional reports, it is undoubtedly our most quoted tool. We have become experts in it to get the most out of it since it has a large number of modules and tools for analysis.


Marketers in Spain using SISTRIX


  • HREFS: We use this tool for the exhaustive analysis of the linkage. This is usually a problem for websites that have had abusive LINK BUILDING campaigns in the past. Identifying problematic links and removing them is one of the most sensitive tasks in SEO today. This tool makes it much easier. 


  • SCREAMING FROG SPYDER: Tool that simulates in many cases the behavior of the GOOGLE crawler, from which we will get great information about the structure of our website, how the Serps are displayed (how the information comes out by GOOGLE), as well as structure problems, broken links, broken urls and so on. Indispensable for any SEO agency.


  • GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE: The use of this GOOGLE tool is simply mandatory for any SEO consultancy. It gives us valuable information about the indexing and visits to our website as well as the CTR in almost real time.


  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS: The star of the crown of GOOGLE's SEO tools, gives us all kinds of information about visits, devices, trends, keywords, structure, origin of the visits, segmentation... Indispensable.


  • GOOGLE TRENDS: Always useful to start with an analysis and quickly know the usefulness of certain keywords.


Why do we speak English?


We are a group of professionals who have travelled a lot and usually speak English on a daily basis. Sometimes in Spain it is not easy to find a company that speaks English, we know that. That is why we have seen an opportunity to propose our services also for the English speaking market in our own country.

We are a team of open-minded and enterprising professionals, we are at the forefront of Internet and Digital Marketing trends and in contact with the International Digital Nomad community in Bali, Buenos Aires, New York and the rest of the world. This flexibility allows us to take on any type of project, no matter how big it is.


We speak English, contact us